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Who we Are

VdeV Photography

Royale' Creative
 Fashion, Portrait, Wedding or Sports photography, VdeV Photography is are the solution for every photographic need you may have! In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the US or anywhere in the world we guarantee you high quality and beautiful images.

  About me... My name is Deborah, I am a French photographer living between Paris, France and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I created VdeV two years ago: after working for two years for a Photo and Video Production company called LangostaFilms production, we decided it was best to separate the company and now work in partnership to offer both photography and video production while following our own creative instincts!
  I have always loved photography, for as long as I can remember,... At 13 years old I started going to the photography workshops my school offered and I fell in love with this world that exists after you take the picture, spending hours in a darkroom printing photo, as well as the magic happening between the model, the camera and the photographer and the beautiful images that come out of it! It has been a long time since I have been in a dark room and my cameras are digital cameras now, but the magic is the same… And after 4 years as a destination wedding, events and portrait photographer I love my job as much as the day I started – if not more!!

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